Welcome to the Winter Issue of The Mammal Next Door!

Winter in the UK is usually wet and cold with very little snow, oh unless you live in North England or Scotland, (you lucky things!). In this issue we have the life of the hedgehog as our Mammal Hero, The Family Tree is about Chiroptera and our Landscape of the Season is Uplands Coniferous Forest.

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Latest sections

Hedgehog Mammal Hero

It is native to the UK and Europe, and common locally in Britain, however the hedgehog is decline...

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Chiroptera Family Tree

Chiroptera is the order of the only mammals that are able to fly, bats! There are about 18 bat species in the UK...

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Upland Forest Landscape

Upland landscapes cover a range of habitat types, in this issue we will focus on upland conifer forests...

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Oddity & Cosmos

What have Oddity & Cosmos been up to since we saw them last? Oddity is currently hibernating and Cosmos...

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Get Your Paws Dirty!

Games and crafts to keep you entertained on rainy days.

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